Modern Kitchen

Why came to RKR Kitchens

Purchased an older house in North Lakes and wanted a completely new modern Kitchen design

Reason to update

Out of date colours, Laminate benchtop, closed in design


No storage, no seating area, difficult to upgrade ex isting so have to go new


– Worked together with client on coming up with a joint design to suit the space.
– Presented 3D Drawing and tailored design
– Open counter bench in Nikpol 50mm Hollow Core product with matching TV unit


– One of a kind kitchen with a real wow factor
– Awesome amount of storage
– Lots of soft close drawers and lift-up huge overhead cabinets
– Created open plan

Why went with RKR

Small local company that could work quickly and adapt to changes along the way. Opposition was not able to do changes easily as very focused on manufacturing not customers service