Kitchen Splashbacks

When designing a kitchen it is important to blend the textures, colours, space, and light to create a room that has an established warmth, openness, and a welcoming atmosphere. Understanding the different aspects of how a kitchen appears to someone is a long and fascinating journey. One of the features that people often overlook are the splashbacks.

Splashbacks are the new, environmentally-friendly way to bring colour, functionality and durability to a kitchen design. With an almost infinite selection of textures, gloss, colour, and patterns, you now have the ability to create something that is not only impressive, but also distinctive and unique.

We offer a lot of our customers Akril. It has an amazing finish that can really establish another creative dimension to the kitchen in a very subtle way. With it being lightweight and readily available, you can really make your kitchen shine in a very cost-effective manner.

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